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Stephen Bishop Latest Award

“Stephen Bishop Suiting” are proud to announce their nomination at the 2014 “Bridal Buyer” awards 2014. This awards ceremony truly is the “big one” so simply being nominated is a real honour. Read on….


Best Groomswear Nomination

  Why Were We Nominated? Stephen Bishop himself is one of the most experienced “Formal Wear” Specialists in the UK. Having cut his teeth at “Hugh Harris” Formal who also offer “Suit Hire”, Stephen decided to spread his wings and unlock his design ideas. How? In February 2013 Stephen started his own business, “Stephen Bishop Suiting”. Having been honoured with several trade awards in the past Stephen is more than aware that being recognised as one of the best is all well and good but “where do you go from there?” The only way is up or to constantly strive to improve, adapt and upgrade. It is important to offer a product and service that is modern and relevant and hope that this constant evolution is also recognised. Offering products and service over a consistent period of time is the key and being nominated as a relatively new company is truly stunning. The awards take place in September 2014. We congratulate all nominees and will update you all as soon as we know.