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Wedding Community – Ask The Expert Column June 14

Black, Grey, Brown or Blue?

Suit Hire or Bespoke Tailoring

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Well this is a very leading question. The suit colour is often determined by your features as opposed to the actual idea that you may have had having seen an advert or that perfect suit at a friend’s wedding.

What I mean by this is that your size, colouring, even your personality can often suggest that the suit that had in your mind simply isn’t the one for you. Imagine that you have fair hair, are a Mid 30’s groom built on the more plump side. Will a cream suit really work?  Ok so it really depends on you but I think that you can imagine how that may work out.

Now of course the question was which colour? As well as you this can also be determined by the wedding colour scheme or the bridesmaids dress colours. Again the suit you have in your mind may feel like the most perfect idea but it could clash horribly with the overall theme. Presently there is a major trend towards a brighter more electric or French navy colour in suiting. This is a lovely colour BUT I do actually find it a fairly difficult colour as more often as not it can clash. It can most certainly dilute the typical accessory colour. Often choosing a light colour suit such as summer weight silver greys or indeed a darker suit will often actually help accentuate your required accessory colour. So yet another curve ball.

If this all sounds a bit, “crikey I just want to go out and buy a suit” then do just that but do consider these other areas first. Before committing to hundreds of pounds on a suit why search out a professional formal wear specialist?  Here you should be able to benefit from some expert advice and to try on a multitude of suits and accessories to help you in your quest.