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Angus Darroch-Warren

Professional Wedding Photographer in Koh Samui, Thailand-Anne Sophie Maestracci


Photography by

Dear Stephen,

Just a quick note to thank you and your team for the great service you have provided when making the waistcoats for our wedding in Thailand. They looked great and there were lots of comments on how smart (“pretty”?) the Boys looked.

We had a fabulous time and I have attached a couple of photos for you (the photographer has tweaked the colours slightly).

The day went smoothly, even the afternoon thunderstorm took pity on us as it rained 1km north and south of us, missing us completely!

Rest assured, I will not hesitate to recommend you to any others who may be in need of quality, bespoke tailoring.

I will pop in next time I am in Woking to say hello.

Best Regards,



STEPHEN SAYS – It is really is wonderful to help create some outstanding and dare I say out of the box thinking garments, in this case “bespoke waistcoats”. I just happened to still be open late one Saturday evening when, as luck would have it Angus and his now wife were a little lost in Woking. As a result they found themselves passing the store and hey presto, they spot the PERFECT colour for their wedding in the form of one of our Slim Neckties in our shop window. The normal enquiry in Woking on a Saturday is for “Suit Hire” but this was a totally different ask. As luck would have it not only did we have the required colour “Peacock” in Dupion Silk, I had just taken delivery of paisley lining material that set things off nicely. As you can see by the wedding photo’s, we managed to create “waistcoats” that took the place of a jacket whilst totally coordination with the overall “wedding” colour scheme”. So as well as being a “Suit Hire” specialist, we can create some fantastic other of “Formal Wear” clothing as well. “Suit Hire” = check, “Made to Measure Suits” =check, thinking out of the box = check.